DejaViewed got its start in a living room in the town of West Chester, Pennsylvania. It all started when our founder and president, Don Mimm, retired from his 3-decade career as a business consultant. Don, who is also an Army veteran and a former personal trainer, felt too young to retire, and he was ready for a new challenge . . . but he was looking for the right opportunity.

The idea for DejaViewed came to Don as he watched old “Looney Tunes” reruns on TV. The old cartoons brought back happy childhood memories of Saturday mornings – and he was sure that there were other people out there who would feel the same way. He decided to start a DVD company that specialized in classic TV and movies; the kind that brought back happy memories for people who grew up in the 50s,60s, 70s, and 80s.

Since its launch, DejaViewed has grown from a small, home-based business to a large company with its own warehouse, office building and a full-time staff of customer service representatives, researchers, and fulfillment personnel.

Along the way, Don has stayed true to his vision of selling classic entertainment (although he’s branched out into some “new classics” like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Game of Thrones”). And he’s also stayed true to his community roots: The new DejaViewed offices are still located in the good old USA, just a stone’s throw from Don’s home in West Chester Pennsylvania – and he hires locals, too!

Today, you can find Don in his West Chester office, working side-by-side with his employees and taking calls from satisfied customers. And on rare occasions, you can find him in his office, happily binge-watching “Looney Tunes.”